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Bikini waxing tips

During last decades bikini waxing became a part of regular women hygiene. Most modern young women want to have perfect bikini line (clean, smooth and hair-free) and to be sexy in swimming costumes and panties. Bikini waxing can be the best solution but it needs experience, attention and patience. Bikini waxing is delicate intimate procedure and women need to know some tricks for successful performances. Correctly made bikini waxing can insure clean smooth bikini line at least for few weeks. Before you start your bikini waxing, you better learn some bikini waxing tips and recommendations from experienced women.

Bikini waxing requires special attention and care. If you follow bikini waxing tips, you can reach the best waxing results. It will help you:

  1. To choose the right day for bikini waxing,
  2. To prepare your skin for bikini waxing,
  3. To reduce expected pain from bikini waxing,
  4. To avoid post-waxing side effect such as bikini bumps and irritation.

Bikini waxing tips – planning, choosing the right day

Avoid bikini waxing during menstrual period.

It is not recommended to do bikini waxing during premenstrual period as many women suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome (very sensitive and irritating period of menstrual cycle).

Best time for bikini waxing is few days after period and few days before expected menstrual period – it is the period between 10th day of menstrual cycle up to 20th day of cycle. In general 10-20 days of your menstrual cycle are less sensitive and less tense.

If you are planning holidays at the seaside, better to perform bikini waxing 1-2 days in advance for 2 reasons: first, direct sunlight should be avoided during few days after waxing and second, immediately after waxing the skin on bikini line is very sensitive (any climate changes or cloths changes could trigger irritation and redness) .

Bikini waxing tips – what to do before

Bikini waxing tips

First, you should choose the best waxing product (minimum chemicals, maximum natural components, positive feedback and positive comments).

Buy high quality waxing kit with detailed instructions and needed elements including warmer, creams, sticks, etc.

One day before scheduled waxing try to avoid tight synthetic restrictive cloths and underclothes. Tight jeans and panties are not recommended. You should choose loose cloths which never leave lines on your skin (cotton panties, T-shirts, skirts, blouses, dresses).

If you have sensitive and/or allergic skin, better to test selected wax on the small limited area of your skin (2-3 days in advance).

All waxing instruments should be cleaned in advance with special disinfection antiseptic products. Waxing materials should be absolutely clean. Better to use sanitary disposable items and materials. By the way, waxing spatula never should be dipped in the wax twice.

Before starting bikini waxing, choose your pubic hair style which can be one of classical once or personally designed. You should choose the most convenient and most comfortable pubic hair style adapted to your swimming costumes and to your favorite sexy underclothes.

Once you selected the zone for waxing, be sure that unwanted hairs on selected area are no longer than 0.5-0.6 cm and no shorter than 0.5-0.6 cm. If hairs are longer, it means you need hair trimming before starting your waxing procedure. If hairs are shorter, you should postpone your bikini waxing.

Selected skin zone should be absolutely clean. It is recommended to have a shower and exfoliation of bikini area before starting whole waxing procedure.

Bikini waxing tips – pain

Bikini waxing could be painful, unpleasant and uncomfortable. Topical freezing numbing creams used before waxing (1-1.5 hours in advance) can reduce the pain and unpleasant feelings.

If you are too sensitive to pain, better take aspirin or ibuprofen or Tylenol 30-40 minutes in advance.

You can reduce bikini waxing pain by dip breathing and non-stop talking. It is not recommended to hold your breath during procedure.

Relaxation before bikini waxing is must. Better to be fully relaxed before start using the wax. Some women prefer meditation or relaxing activities 30-60 minutes before waxing.

Bikini waxing tips – what to do after

It is recommended to apply special post-waxing cream right after waxing procedure – it will prevent ingrown hairs, irritation and ugly bikini bumps.

Immediately after waxing you can apply female sensitive powder or soft baby powder.

Avoid direct sunlight for few days after bikini waxing.

Next day after bikini waxing it would be recommended to avoid hot baths, hot tubes and any hot procedures.

During few days after bikini waxing any tight synthetic underwear, tight jeans and tight cloths should be avoided because they can trigger unpleasant itching and irritations.

During next 1-2 days after waxing sexual activities and touching freshly waxed skin should be avoided.

It is recommended to start exfoliating the area 5-7 days after waxing.

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