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Bikini waxing advantages and disadvantages

Bikini waxing originated from ancient Egypt and Greece when prostitutes started pubic hair removal. It had two purposes which include intimate hygiene and development of special sexual attractiveness (both very important for their profession). According to history, women body shaving in certain areas was established as the society norm during 1915-1945 and later (after 1980s) the bikini waxing was developed for intimate skin perfection and smoothness. Bikini waxing advantages became well known among women.

Modern fashionable bikini bathing suits began to reveal more of the pubic area in the 1970 and 80s. With this trend came increased pressure to avoid revealing bikini hair by removing and waxing it.

Millions of women consider bikini waxing as the best and most long-lasting way for achieving smooth and hair-free bikini line. At the same time, bikini waxing is known as the most painful bikini hair removal method.

There are different methods for bikini hair removal but bikini waxing is known as the most popular among modern fashionable women. Most celebrities use bikini waxing for developing different types of pubic hair styles.

Bikini waxing offers the smooth, sexy, clean and clear skin for pretty long period (about 4-7 weeks). Bikini waxing advantages make it very popular especially during summer holidays. Bikini waxing advantages are crucial for most types of swimming suits and special sexy cloths.

Thanks to bikini waxing millions of women can easily demonstrate their beautiful smooth and clean bikini line, wear modern swimming suits (any type) and fashionable underwear.

All bikini cleaning methods (shaving, sugaring, laser) have not only advantages but also disadvantages. This is why it is very important before choosing bikini cleaning and styling method to learn properly bikini waxing advantages and disadvantages. It would be recommended to discuss all bikini waxing advantages and disadvantages with qualified and/or experienced people.

Bikini waxing advantages

Bikini waxing is not expensive method (if used at home) for getting rid of bikini hairs and/or for developing the personal pubic hair styles.

Bikini waxing insures the smooth, sexy, clean and hair-free bikini line for pretty long period (about 4-7 weeks).

Bikini waxing (qualified and experienced) can be done very fast and effective (clean, smooth, silky, sexy).

Bikini waxing (after several times) is making line softer, finer and sparser.

Correctly performed bikini waxing does not cause any itching, irritation, redness and/or ingrown hair.

Bikini waxing can be done privately at home without any external help but high quality waxing kit should be used.

Bikini waxing can be used not only for bikini line but also for large pubic area for making special personalized pubic hair styles.

Bikini waxing advantages

Bikini waxing disadvantages

Most unpleasant bikini waxing disadvantage is pain (especially for women with sensitive skin). Many women need to take pain killer before starting bikini waxing procedure.

Bikini waxing can be effective only if bikini hairs are long enough (at least 0.5-0.6 cm).

In most cases women should trim bikini and pubic hairs before starting bikini waxing procedure.

Bikini waxing can be pretty expensive if service is provided in fashionable salon.

Long-term bikini waxing can slow down the hair grow.

Women with diabetes, during pregnancy, women who use birth control pills, caffeine or alcohol users and smoking women need medical consultation before performing bikini waxing.

During menstrual period bikini waxing is not recommended as women body becomes much sensitive in this period of time and side effects can appear easily.

Not experienced women can have problems during first bikini waxing.

After bikini waxing any tight underwear, jeans, cloths are not recommended during few days after waxing.

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