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Bra styles

There are many different styles of bra available but it is not easy to choose the best for you. Which one is sexier? Which one is pushing up? Which one is better for evening dinner or ordinary party? How much you should know about bra? Which kinds of bras are available? But at first, don’t forget to check how to choose the correct size of bra.

Bra Styles

Air Bra are bras with small bags of air in each cup some air filled bras have removable air bags. Air bras help to enhance the bust and cleavage, giving a more erotic and alluring looks. Some air bras are perfect under close fitting clothing but they can be worn under any clothing day or evening wear.
Backless Bra fairly self explanatory in that it has no back it also has no straps at least not in the normal way. It is usually self adhesive, lightweight and self supporting. It is the perfect bra when wearing backless tops and dresses; you can also wear off the shoulder tops and dresses. Some Backless bras may have a strap that is in a diamante design to disguise it more under clothing, it can also help to add the illusion of something more feminine underneath.
Balconette Bra is very similar to the half cup but has just over half the coverage of the breasts and adds a sexier more luxurious look. The middle of the bra is slightly different in design to the half cup and appears not to be as straight across the breasts and the chest below; this helps to add shape to the bust line. This style of bra is suitable for all women and can be worn under any collection of clothing.
Body Lingerie. Most bodies are designed to help flatten out tummies and smooth out our curves, to give us a smooth and flattening look to our clothing. They come with thong backs or brief backs depending on the style you are looking for or the look and style of your clothing. Bodies can also have low fronts or backs depending on the outfit and are designed to help give us the freedom to choose that special outfit for every occasion.
Bustiers are stylish and comfortable. They are either with or without straps; some have removable straps, which make them more versatile. There are lots of different designs of bustier, they might have cups or not, others have padded cups, or not. Most are very sexy looking and others can be more practical looking. Bustiers can be worn with almost any outfit depending of course on whether the bustier has removable straps or not.
Padded bras are fairly self explanatory but do vary slightly, some have thicker padding than others. They offer anything from a slight lift to the bust line or a more push up effect, as well as comfort. All are very fashionable and feminine. Some padded bras may have removable insert pads others are just padded more on the lower part of the cup to give more lift and to help give the effect of more cleavage.
Camisoles can be fitted, close fitted or loose fitted all have a very lattering look and all are available in a range of sizes. Camisoles can be worn as nightwear, day wear or outer wear depending on the style or look you are going for. All have a very flattering and sexy look and feel. Some camisoles are front or back fastening like corsets, most however just go over the head and slip down.
Chemise Lingerie can be worn as nightwear or it could be used as a long line slip under a dress, depending on the look you are going for. They come in short, halfway down the thigh, and long, just above or on the ankle lengths. Chemises are made in lots of different fabrics from sheer to silk satin and velour with added lace and bow designs.
Corset has to be one of the oldest but best items of lingerie around and it is now becoming more and more popular. With all the new styles and designs of corsets around it’s a minefield trying to choose the one you want. Corsets are not just underwear now either, they are outerwear and have extras like faux fur, feathers and lace added to them for that extra special look.
Drop Cup Bra is generally known as nursing bra with an easy to use clip at the top of each cup so that the cups can be individually dropped down as and when baby needs to be breastfed. As each cup can be dropped individually it makes breast feeding more discreet for both Mother and Baby.
Full Cup Bra covers the entire breast and makes a bra look larger than it is. The full cup is designed to give more support for the breasts, this is very important to help keep the shape and fullness of the breast. Full cup bras are very stylish and can be sexy looking depending on the fabric that they are made from.
Front Fastening Bra is said by some to be more convenient than back fastenings as the clasps are easier to use and see. Struggling with hooks around the back can be quite uncomfortable and awkward for some, as you can’t see what you’re doing. The hook and eye clasps are also quite small and they can be awkward to line up. Some men may agree that front fastening bras are easier to undo!
Half Cup Bra gives three quarters of coverage of the breasts and this gives it a sexier look and feel. The half cup still gives great support while still being very fashionable and youthful. These bras are ideal for younger wearers or those that still have firm breasts and they can help to give the look of more cleavage. They are ideal to wear with any clothing even low front cut tops and dresses.
  Halter Neck Bra has clasps on the straps, which attach at the back of the neck and also around the back as a normal bra does. The coverage of the breasts is similar to the half cup cut. The Halterneck bra is suitable to wear under lots of different outfits including strapless tops or dresses and those off the shoulder items of clothing that are so popular in the summer months.
   Liquid Bra contains a small pouch of liquid gel in each cup. The liquid bra helps to give the illusion of more cleavage and improve lift; they can sometimes add almost a whole cup size to your bust. Liquid bras don’t have any lumps or bumps so shouldn’t make your breasts look an odd shape or size. Liquid bra’s can also help with the look of any outfit and can be worn at anytime, day or evening, with any outfit.
   Maternity Bra is worn by women while pregnant and they are designed to help give as much support as possible while your breasts grow and fill out during pregnancy. We all gain a little weight during pregnancy and you may find that you need to buy quite a few bras throughout the 9 months of pregnancy, and you will need to have support while they grow to help reduce sagging.
   Multiway Bra is very versatile in that it can be worn as a halterneck alone, a halter neck and low back to accompany a similar style dress or top, and also a normal two strap (over the shoulders) with the normal central strap around the back. These bras can be worn under all types and styles of clothing including low back, strapless and of the shoulder items. The wonderful thing about Multiway bras is that the shoulder straps can be removed altogether.
  Minimizer Bra tends to be more for larger cup sizes DD and up, as they are designed to make the breasts look smaller than normal. The minimiser also helps to prevent ‘spill over’ and ‘gaping button’ syndrome in shirts and blouses. It should also help to give a more flattering and smoother look to the bust. These bras can be worn with day and evening wear and can give a smoother look around the bust area under clothing.
  Push Up Bra has more padding in a slightly different place and so gives more lift and cleavage to the bust. This padding is usually in the form of inserts that fit into a pocket on the inside of each cup these inserts are sometimes called fillets. These pads or fillets are usually made of sponge or some other material that will give a more natural look and feel to the breasts. They can help to improve the look of cleavage or to help enhance the look of whatever outfit you are wearing.
  Seamless bra has no seams on the cups and some may or may not be underwired. They would still give some support but are not as supporting as underwired bras. Seamless bras are very elegant in style and fit and give a cleaner line under tight or close fitting clothing. These bras are ideal for wearing with evening wear that needs a more elegant look and day wear that needs to have a clean smooth look.
   Sport Bra is designed to reduce breast bounce and give great support for the bust while exercising. It helps to keep your breasts in place whilst you’re doing energetic sports. Sports bras vary in many ways, depending on how active you are and what kind of sport you do, will depend on the type of sports bra you will need to buy. Whether you are doing aerobics, tennis, running or horse ridding these bras help a lot to take the strain off the breast and chest muscles.
   Triangle Bra cut is really self explanatory; the fabric is cut in a triangular shape. The triangle bra is not usually under-wired but some manufacturers may. The center of the bra is unlike most as it is merely connected to the chest strap of the bra. Most bras have a central piece of material that attaches all pieces to the chest strap, but the design for the Triangle bra is very different in that they do not have this.
   Under-wired Bra is designed to give added support and shape to the bust, and help to reduce any sagging. Under-wired bras can be very sexy and elegant in their design and fit. Some styles can give a seductive plunge look to the breasts. Under-wired bras are designed for older teenagers and women as these are the people who need the support younger girls who are still developing may find that wired bras cause the breasts to be deformed or misshapen.
   Zip Cup Bra is also a maternity or nursing bra, the difference between this and the drop cup is that the zip is on the outer side of the bra, starting from the top of the cup. This makes breast feeding even more convenient as you can drop the cup down using one hand instead of both as may be needed with the drop cup. The zip cup is just as discreet as the drop cup bra.

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