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Fat burning vegetables

Low calorie vegetables are best for loosing extra weight – some of them are known as fat burning vegetables. Vegetables provide big amount of volume and satiety with few calories. At the same time, vegetables can promote weight loss by being rich in several powerful antioxidants, phyotochemicals, vitamins and important minerals. All these important and useful properties of vegetables can boost your metabolism and insure weight loss.

Chili pepper (see also “Chili pepper health benefits“)

Chili pepper contains capsaicin that provides benefits for losing weight. Chili pepper is a source of vitamin C and beta-carotene (excellent antioxidants) which boost metabolism and support fat burning.

Spicy hot peppers can help scorch calories. At the same time, thanks to metabolism boosting properties (dihydrocapsiate and vitamin C), colored peppers (red, green) can support in losing weight.

Tomatoes (see also “Tomato health benefits“)

Tomato is an excellent low calorie dietary food that burn extra calories and provides energy and fiber. Tomatoes contain vitamin C which insures detoxification and cleansing from toxins and waste. At the same time, tomatoes contain potassium that boosts everyday energy.

Cucumber (see also “Cucumber health benefits“)

Cucumber is well known healthy low calorie vegetable – best antioxidant suppliers. Cucumber has also anti-inflammatory properties which is guarding human health. Cucumbers vitamin C, phytonutrients and magnesium are able to boost the metabolism and burn storage fats.

Pickles also have fat burning properties – they are filled with fiber and covered in vinegar. According to scientists, all acidic foods boost the metabolism and increase the rate of fat burning up to 40%. Faster is your metabolism and quicker is your fat burning – easier you can lose fat from body storages.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes have fewer calories, fiber and carbohydrates – all together they help stay full between daily meals.

Some studies suggest that ordinary potatoes also can help burning calories. When you eat cold cooked (just from refrigerator), their digestible starches turn into resistant starches through the so called process “retrogradation” – resistant starch resists digestion, which promotes fat oxidation and reduces abdominal fat.

Fat burning vegetables


Besides fat burning onion contains flavonoids that are very beneficial for general health and polyphenol that helps to control so called “bad cholesterol” as well as sugar level.

Onions are rich also in quercetin (type of flavonoid) that increase blood flow and activates body protein that helps regulate glucose levels, torches stored fat and keeps new fat cells from forming. Onions have also good properties for cardiovascular system.


Mushrooms are known as low calorie food. It can help to retain beautiful body shape and lose some extra fats. Thanks to some important nutrients and vitamins, mushroom consumption can provide energy, fat burning and full feeling.

Broccoli (see also “Broccoli health benefits“)

Broccoli is a hero of fat burning and weight losing – it is healthy super-food that helps to shed useless extra body fat. Daily consumption of broccoli can reduce your weight. Nutritionists always include broccoli in weight control diet. According to experts, broccoli contains phytonutrient (so called “sulforaphane”) that increase testosterone and fights off body fat storage.

In addition, broccoli is well known anticancer – fighting prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer. Broccoli is rich in vitamin C – it can reduce levels of cortisol during stressful situations and protect your body from damages made by stress.


Spinach contains iron, oxalates, proteins, vitamins, magnesium and many other healthy minerals that can help to burn out extra calories and extra fat. Mentioned minerals provide energy and stimulate body metabolism that helps to reduce weight.

As spinach easily pick up a lot of chemicals from the farm – this is why try to get only organic spinach which works fast and gives best fat burning result.

Asparagus (see also “Asparagus health benefits“)

Asparagus functions in different ways – it helps to lose extra fat; it helps body to cleanse out bad toxins and other harmful wastes; and thanks to vitamins, it helps to grow healthy and fit.
Nutritionists recommend daily consumption of asparagus.


Avocado is the ideal super-food for fat burning and slimming purpose. Avocado contains unsaturated fats (so called “good fats”) – it helps to lose so called “bad fats” that are residing in body fat storages.

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