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First pregnancy

First pregnancy is always an important step and exceptional event in the life. Everything depend if your first pregnancy is planned and wanted or unplanned and unwanted. If your pregnancy is wanted – you are very happy, everybody congratulate you and you are looking forward having your first baby. First pregnancy is always special. But if you became pregnant while you are very young and not ready yet – it is becoming a big social problem and threat for your health and future life. Check your pregnancy test.

What you should do first if your pregnancy test is positive?

If you did not plan the pregnancy and if you are still young – tell your parents! If you are worried about this, speak to a teacher or an adult you trust, and ask them for help. Naturally, some parents will be upset or angry at first, but most soon get over this and will do their best to help you.

It’s rare for parents to feel so strongly that they will not support you in any way. But if this happens, your teacher, personal adviser or youth worker will be able to put you in touch with someone who can help.

If your pregnancy was planned and wanted – just visit your doctor for pregnancy monitoring and healthy delivery.

First pregnancy!

You are not sure if you want to keep the baby?

This is a decision only you can make. Your family, friends, the baby’s father or his family may want to influence what you do, but the final decision is yours.

If you are thinking about having an abortion, you can get independent advice and information from your doctor, school nurse, clinic or advice center. Just remember that the medical abortion is the safest method for abortion (not surgical abortion!).

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