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Genital itching natural remedies

Irritating genital itching is quite common among women of all ages. In general, women can prevent most cases of genital itching due daily routine good hygiene and healthy lifestyle habits. Main causes of vaginal itching could be bacteria, yeast infection, sexually transmitted diseases, eczema or allergic factors. Depending on causes women could also experience abnormal vaginal discharge, vaginal burning sensation, swelling, irritation or vaginal foul smell. Special attention should be paid to genital itching natural remedies.

Healthy vagina contains balanced bacteria and low pH level which protect from infection interventions. At the same time, all females produce small amount of odorless milky vaginal secretion (vaginal discharge) which insure on-going vaginal cleaning. If mentioned components (balanced bacteria, pH and vaginal secretion) become out of balance, several infections can trigger genital itching.

In many cases genital itching can be treated with natural remedies which can kill vaginal infections and reduce intensity of itching. Natural remedies can restore vaginal health and get rid of irritating vaginal itching. In most cases natural anti itching treatment is easy and can provide pretty quick results (relieving from discomfort and urge to scratch). According to experts, some remedies (apple cider vinegar, garlic and tea tree oil) contain antimicrobial properties which destroy certain infections. Other natural remedies (coconut oil and yogurt) can decrease the intensity of symptoms or eliminate genital itching and vaginal burning sensation.

Genital itching natural remedies – apple cider vinegar

Genital itching natural remedies

Apple cider vinegar can be effective in cases of vaginal yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. According to scientists, acetic acid of apple cider vinegar can destroy yeast strains and restore vaginal bacterial balance. Raw unprocessed apple cider vinegar can reduce vaginal itching and related symptoms.

First, prepare diluted mixture of equal parts of raw apple cider vinegar and water. Second prepare vaginal tampon and soak it prepared mixture. Third, insert soaked tampon into vagina for 40-60 minutes for killing of microbes which cause vaginal itching. After removing tampon, just wash intimate area with warm water (without any additional hygienic products).

Apple cider vinegar tampons can be used regularly until disappearance of itching.

Genital itching natural remedies – cold compress

Cold compress can provide pretty fast relief from itching in and around vaginal zone. Actually cold pack helps to numb the itching sensation and reduce swelling and inflammation.

First, prepare clean cotton bag or cotton triangle and place ice cubes in it. Second, place icy pack on vagina for 5-8 minutes. Once you feel numbness, the pack can be removed. You repeat the same with 10-15 minutes intervals.

Genital itching natural remedies – coconut oil

According to experts, virgin coconut oil can be used in cases of eczema, bacterial vaginosis and vaginal yeast infection. Coconut oil contains fatty acids which help to soothe itchy skin. At the same time, coconut oil antimicrobial properties can fight vaginal infections and keep intimate zone dry (not favorable for microbes).

First, prepare clean vaginal tampon and soak it in liquefied virgin coconut oil. To increase the antibacterial power of coconut oil, it is recommended to add few drops of tea tree oil to the mixture. Second, insert soaked tampon into vagina for 8-12 hours for destroying (killing) abnormal infection. Third, wash intimate area after tampon removal (without any hygienic products). Coconut oil tampons can be used once a day until itching disappearance.

Genital itching natural remedies – tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is well known as antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory natural remedies. These natural properties of tea tree oil make it effective in several cases – in cases of vaginal Candida, bacterial infections and eczema.

First, prepare warm water in bowl and add few drops of tea tree oil (to be mixed very well). Second, wash vaginal area properly (soap can be used) and rinse intimate zone with prepared mixture. It will reduce itching sensation. This procedure can be implemented every day.

Tea tree oil can be also very effective if it is added to coconut oil tampons (as mentioned above).

Genital itching natural remedies – garlic

Garlic is well known natural remedies with powerful antibiotic property. Garlic contains very specific antimicrobial property called “allicin”. According to scientists, antifungal properties of garlic are very effective in fighting vaginal yeast infection. Garlic is also able to kill some skin and vulva infections.

You can consume fresh garlic every day and get relief from genital itching. Some women prefer garlic capsules twice daily which provide same effect. Garlic can also strengthen immune system helping body to fight infections (local and general).

Genital itching natural remedies – boric acid

Boric acid is well known anti-fungal remedy which can inhibit vaginal yeast overgrowth.

Boric acid suppositories can be pretty effective way to get natural relief from genital itching. Boric acid suppository can be inserted into vagina twice a day during 1-2 weeks to get rid of vaginal yeast infection. In severe cases boric acid can be used up to 4 weeks.

Genital itching natural remedies – yogurt

Raw natural yogurt is able to restore the natural vaginal pH balance and eliminate genital itching/swelling. Yogurt has soothing effect which can help get rid of vaginal irritation. At the same time, raw yogurt contains probiotics which can promote “good bacteria” growth. If daily diet contains yogurt, it can also improve vaginal health.

According to scientists, 100g yogurt consumption twice a day can fight bacterial vaginosis. Cool raw yogurt can also be applied to irritated vagina. First, prepare clean vaginal tampon and soak it in cool raw yogurt. Second, insert this tampon into the vagina for 2-2.5 hours. After removal intimate area should be washed properly. Yogurt tampons can be used twice a day until full treatment.

Genital itching prevention

  • Make intimate hygiene a part of your daily routine and important component of your lifestyle (daily shower or bath, keeping genital zone clean and dry);
  • Always wear cotton underwear (preferably also cotton pants) which can provide skin “breathing” (preventing moisture in intimate area);
  • Change underwear at least once a day and never hesitate changing more often is needed (in cases of wet after-swimming periods, when experiencing vaginal discharge or on menstrual period days);
  • Avoid tight and synthetic underwear and cloths which restrict body ventilation (wear loose fitting clothing);
  • Avoid not natural perfumed or colored soaps, lotions, bubble baths, deodorants or other chemical commercial products;
  • Always use mild, fragrance-free laundry detergents for underclothes’ washing;
  • Avoid sitting in wet clothing for long periods of time;
  • Avoid unprotected sexual behavior and avoid multiple sexual partners;
  • Always wipe from front to back after having a bowel movement.

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