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Hair removal creams

Hair removal creams are made from some chemicals (calcium hydroxide, sodium or calcium thioglycolate, etc.) which can dissolve unwanted hair at the roots – they are usually applied to the hair for a short period of time. After some time (depending on quality of cream and hair density) the hair removal cream eats away the hair shaft, sometimes below the surface of the skin. Most hair removal creams are usually left on for approximately 5-10 minutes and then wiped off with a warm towel at, or somewhat below skin level.

Creams for hair removal can give you few days without any hair on smooth skin – the effect of hair removal creams is short because they remove hair only from the surface. Hot shower would be recommended before applying the cream – it will soften the hairs and open skin pores, allowing the cream to work better.

Hair removal creams

Some women could be sensitive to these creams. Depending on skin type, some hair creams can irritate or burn your skin and can leave your skin red. If you want to try these creams, test it on a patch of skin elsewhere on your body first.

Creams for hair removal should not be used near the eyes and never should be used on damaged and/or irritated skin.

Creams for hair removal – advantages

  • Creams for hair removal are absolutely painless;
  • After hair removal creams hair become softer and thinner and hair removal creams can slow hair growth in affected areas;
  • This is very fast and easy hair removal method;
  • Creams for hair removal can be use at home in private atmosphere.
  • Creams for hair removal are cheap, affordable and available in many drug stores.

Creams for hair removal – disadvantages

  • Hair removal creams sometimes could have specific smell;
  • Hair removal creams contain strong chemicals;
  • Effect of hair removal creams is short (about few days – week);
  • Hair removal creams could trigger irritation, burns, blister or itching especially if left long on the skin.

Creams for hair removal – warning

If you choose hair removal creams for unwanted hair, you should make a small skin test at least 24 hours before applying the cream over a large area, especially if you have not used hair removal cream before or if have any type of allergy. Skin test could help you to discover allergic reactions and/or increased sensitivity to the chemicals of the hair removal creams.
A light tingling is normal while the hair removal cream is working. If you feel burning, your skin is either too sensitive, you’re allergic to one of the ingredients, or you have left it on too long. In any case, take it off immediately and apply cool water.
Don’t use hair removal creams on irritated and/or damaged skin, around the eyes (including on the eyebrows).

Legs after hair removal creams

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