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Modern hair removal methods


I have hormonal dysfunctions and increased levels of androgens (male hormones) and as a result I have unwanted hair on face and body. I would like to use permanent hair removal methods. What are most modern hair removal methods?

ANSWER from experts

Nowadays there are several effective methods for facial and body hair removal which could be divided into three groups:

  Temporary facial hair removal (shaving, cutting and sanding);

  Facial hair removal up to one month (tweezing, waxing, sugaring, depilatories); and

Facial hair removal

  Long-term facial hair removal (pulsed light, laser, electrolysis).

All women are different with different types of hair (thick or thin, dark or blond) and choices for hair removal will be different. Each case is individual – hair removal method should be selected very carefully. In most cases the effect of hair removal depends mostly on the type of skin. What is good for one woman could be not effective for another woman. Each woman should choose the best method for herself.

Here are most modern and effective hair removal methods:

Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro, Professional IPL Hair Removal System

At-home professional hair removal
FDA cleared and clinically proven
Proprietary ProPulse technology delivers results that last 6 months
Faster treatment times with the quickest flash rate and no downtime for recharging

Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal Device

Silk’n Flash&Go is a revolutionary light-based system for permanent results at home
Removes unwanted hair permanent results
Especially useful for treating sensitive areas (bikini line) or smaller, targeted zones (underarms)
FDA cleared to ensure safety
Pulse speed ensures a quick treatment


Tria® Hair Removal Laser Precision – At-Home Laser for Hair Removal

NEW Beauty Breakthrough: Specially designed to treat smaller, more sensitive areas.
See results in as few as two treatments, freedom from shaving in as little as 3 months.
Professional laser hair removal at home for under $300
FDA-cleared safe and effective for permanent results.
Ergonomically designed to be easy to use and features 3 comfort settings.



Hair removal methods

Each woman should select the most effective and easy used hair removal method depending on skin type, hair color and skin sensitivity.



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