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Hirsutism modern treatment


What is the best hirsutism modern treatment which can guarantee smooth skin without damaging women health?

ANSWER from experts

In general all kinds of treatment for hirsutism could be divided into 2 groups – medical and cosmetic.

All anti-hirsutism tablets may help to slow hair growth down so that hairs become thinner and less noticeable. For significant effect the anti-hirsutism tablets should be taken up to 12 months and usually need to be continued for several years at least. In most cases, hirsutism will return once tablets have been stopped.

Medical hirsutism modern treatment

Hirsutism modern treatment

  • Oestrogens (eg. oral contraceptives – 1 pill per day) suppress ovarian androgen production and reduce free androgens (Yasmin).
  • Diane 35 or Dianette (1 pill per day). This contains oestrogen (female hormone – similar to contraceptive pills) and a low dose of Cyproterone-acetate (anti-androgen).
  • Cyproteron-acetate (anti-androgen) – 50 -200mg per day. Anti-androgens counteract male hormones. Cyproterone must be used along with an oral contraceptive pill to avoid this happening. Cyproterone is also available in doses that are larger and more effective than the dose found in Diane 35 and Dianette. It is necessary to prevent pregnancy during and for up to 6 months following treatment with anti-androgens as they have potential to damage a developing baby (can cause a male fetus to appear female).
  • Spironolactone (200 mg per day) is a diuretic and it has some anti-androgen activity. It should be taken along with an oral contraceptive pill to avoid pregnancy. Can cause useful improvements in hirsutism in selected cases.

Cosmetic hirsutism modern treatment

Hair removal – electrolysis

  • Bleaching – makes the excessive hair less obvious;
  • Depilatory creams – removing hair with creams;
  • Shaving – for skin irritation and skin damage the electric shavers are better than wet types;
  • Waxing – pulls hairs out from the roots and needs to be repeated regularly;
  • Electrolysis – may result in permanent hair loss but takes time;
  • Epilady – removes the hair by a combined cut and pull;
  • Laser therapy – modern lasers are pretty effective for facial hair removal in certain skin types;
  • Revolutionary device that enables you to be free from unwanted hair and enjoy smooth skin every day – Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

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