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Hair removal pads

What is hair removal pads?

Usually hair removal pads look like plastic thingies with a strap on one side that secures your hand, and something that resembles very fine sandpaper on the other side.

Hair removal pads are developed for unwanted hair (not very dense, not very thick) and can be used easily and very fast – just by making simple rotations with the pad on selected area.

Hair removal pads are not only quick and painless, but also leave your skin smooth and fresh. Some hair removal pads include additional exfoliation which adds silky soft skin feeling by the finish of using pads. As women are different with different types of hair and skin, the effectiveness of hair removal pads could be different – minimum one week and maximum 6 weeks.

Hair removal pads

Best candidate for hair removal pads are blond women with fine hairs.

Hair removal pads are very small and can be taken in your small bag (during travel or moving from your apartment).

Hair removal pads – how to use

It is pretty easy and simple to use hair removal pads but it is always better to follow recommended steps:

FIRST, dry the skin in selected area with unwanted hair and never apply any cream or ointment or other cosmetics before using hair removal pads;

SECOND, move your hair removal pad over your fingers and gently (without applying too much pressure) simply smooth away your unwanted hair by making fast, super small rotations with the pad in one direction about 5-8 times while applying moderate pressure to your skin, then reverse direction. For good result, mentioned movements should be repeated few times.

Hair removal pads are circulation boosting and exfoliating pads that really do remove all unwanted hair quickly and painlessly (facial, body and/or leg hairs). With hair removal pads you can achieve perfectly soft, silky, hairless, and beautifully smooth skin.

When you brush away the dead skin, you notice your skin is extremely smooth and indeed, hair free. There should not be any irritation after use of hair removal pads (if used correctly).
Additional exfoliation that goes on with hair removal pads makes your skin smooth.

Hair removal pads can be easily used at home during relaxation, during watching TV or listening music or during telephone conversations or even in the car.

If you notice red skin after use of hair removal pads, it indicates improper use of the pad, either too much pressure applied, wet skin or cream left on the skin before using the pad.

After use, hair removal pads can be cleaned by rinsing under running cool water. If you wash the hair removal pads under water and let them dry completely, they work as good as new.

Hair removal pads are not recommended for people suffering with dermatological conditions, open wounds or diabetes.

Hair removal pads – benefits

  • Best easy hair removal products especially for legs;
  • Insure smooth hairless skin for 1-6 weeks;
  • Soft, simple and painless;
  • Insure heightened blood circulation on used area;
  • Effective for legs and forearms;
  • Provide additional skin massage during hair removal;
  • Absence of any harmful chemicals.

Hair Off Mitten, 3 hair remover mittens (Pack of 4)

Removes hair from legs, quickly, gently & easily. No pain; No chemicals; No nicks & cuts. Leaves legs hair-free & silky smooth. Results last longer than shaving. Great for travel and touch-ups!

The Hair Off Mitten is uniquely designed to quickly and easily remove hair from legs. No odor. Just soft, silky, hair-free legs every time! As gently as it is easy, the remarkable, new Hair Off Mitten gently massages away unwanted hair. Like magic, its exclusive SilCoat finish removes hair from your legs, as it smoothes away rough, dry, flaky skin into satiny softness.

Hair Off Buffer and Mitten Value Pack (Pack of 3)

– Hair Off Instant, Painless Hair Removal Value Pack

– No Nocks or Razor Burn

– No Harsh Chemicals

– No Painful Waxing

– Gently exfoliates for soft, smooth skin

Hair removal pads – soft, simple, painless

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  1. Hi why cant diabetic s use these ?

    • most probably because during diabetes skin is very sensitive and thin and risk of infections is high – during scratching skin can be damaged

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