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Love pillows

Good sleep is absolutely necessary and important not only for our health but also for out mood, positive feelings, happiness and even self-esteem. Every woman deserves not only quite comfortable sleep but also so called “happy sleep”.

Important component of healthy sleep is selection of right pillow. You can discover all criteria and recommendations for pillow selection in “Best Sleep pillows” but besides health criteria we have also some emotional criteria for our night pillows. It is well know that women are very emotional and “love factor” is very important for “happy sleep”. Some women need boyfriend shoulder for happy sleep; some women need pillows with special decoration or smell; some women prefer to sleep with pillows received from loved once.

If you are tossing and turning in bed all night, it means you could not find your “perfect pillow” – healthy and emotionally comfortable.

Love pillow

Love pillow


There are several types of love pillows including body pillows, dakimakura, and decorative pillows.

Body love pillows are usually oversized pillows designed to cradle and support the body during sleep and rest. Body love pillows come in many different designs and fillings intended to meet different physical and emotional needs.

Many women love so called “boyfriend pillows”.

Deluxe Comfort Boyfriend Body Pillow

– Boyfriend pillow includes a removable microfiber shirt for easy care;
– The pillow is filled with polyester;
– Use the pillow as a body pillow; as a neckroll;
– Unique pillow shape – great for snuggling;
– Machine washable;
– Boyfriend pillow body measures 22 by 9-inch and the arm 36-inch.

Deluxe Comfort Boyfriend Pillow, Micro Bead

– Soft and comfortable body pillow;

– Best sleeping bedmate for lonely people;

– Feel the hug of a real man without the snoring, smell, tossing or turning;

– A Fun and unique Gift Idea.

Daisy Flower Pillow – Pink – Large

– Made of ultra soft boa;

– Machine Washable;

– Available in 3 sizes;

– Large measures 35″.

Deluxe Comfort Heart-Shaped Pillow

– Cute and beautiful heart-shaped pillow;

– Bright red with a lightweight padding;

– Makes a great gift for mother’s day, valentine’s day, baby gifts and more.

Deluxe Comfort Girlfriend Body Pillow, Pink

– Comfortable pillow recreates the comfort of having your beloved partner;
– Girlfriend pillow imitates the contour of your loved one;
– Hug pillow has an extension that replicates the soft arm;
– Adds a breast-like sensation on the pillow.

Deluxe Comfort Breast Friend Pillow

– Adds a breast-like sensation on the pillow;

– Made of a special flexible padded material;

– Soft and cudly pillow.

Dakimakura are Japanese love pillows with very specific graphic illustrations of female characters. The word “dakimakura” often translated in English simply as “hug pillow”. In Japanese it means to embrace or cling (from daki) and pillow (from makura). Sometimes dakimakura called “Dutch wife”. Japanese love pillows are usually body soft comfortable pillows.

Freezing Satellizer Nude Dakimakura Hugging Body Pillow

Emotional women usually have favorite pillows – either pillows received from loved once, either pillows connected to some positive memories, either just beautiful cozy comfortable pillows.


– Two special messages grace our tapestry woven accent pillow: “Love You” on one side and “Love You More” on the other.

– Durable Poly/cotton with poly fi ll.

– Made in USA. 121/2″ H x 81/2″ W.

Sexy Velvet Lips Shaped Cushion

– Size: 50cm/ 60cm

– Colours: Bright red / Passion pink

– Material (surface): Plush / (filling): PP cotton

Selection of love pillows could include very personal criteria – different feelings, sexual needs, designed to address different areas of the body, smelling habits, memories, etc. But in all cases love pillows should have a washable cover to keep it clean and sweet smelling, as regular washing can deform the filling and make it less effective. Different sleep habits and sleep disorders also should be considered.

Have a nice healthy relaxed and enjoyable sleep with your personal LOVE PILLOW!

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