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Women panties

Many women consider underwear as important as outerwear. Daily underwear style may depend on women’s type of mood or outer wardrobe. Whether you feel good that day and would like to match your attitude to the color and style of your outfit, underwear is essential to the entire wardrobe. Many females wear certain types women panties to possibly suit a particular event or occasion, the daily routine, or activity. Some women feel sexier in curtain type of underwear. Some are trying to please partner’s taste.

Without the right women panties under your designer pants, you may be creating or accentuating bumps and bulges. Luckily, there are numerous panty styles on the market designed to minimize those dreaded panty lines, and provide a smooth foundation for all the great styles you want to wear over them. Right women panties will help you to be sexy.

Skimpier women panties – for less coverage

Thong may not be very comfortable but can eliminate the panty lines. The idea that thongs are uncomfortable or worn for less-than-practical intentions is antiquated and without merit. These bareback basics have much practical purpose, in that they eliminate unsightly panty lines under skirts and snug-fitting pants and are often more comfortable than full-coverage panties. While all are backless, thongs come in a variety of styles:

Feature little more than a triangle of fabric in front and a thin “string” of fabric around the hips and down the back. This is one of the skimpiest thong styles and is best reserved for wearing undertight-fitting bottoms to eliminate visible panty lines. G-strings are for high sex appeal.

They are similar to G-strings but feature a rear string that separates into a “V” of two strings (or a small triangle of fabric) at the rear waistband.

They have waistbands or strings that stretch straight across your waist – so from the back, the side and bottom straps have a “T” shape.

They are similar to T-backs except the waistband rises above the hips at the sides instead of sitting straight across your waist and back.

They usually offer the most coverage of any thong style. They generally have wide waistbands and back straps.

It is for the average set women who like some support as well as sex appeal. Bikinis give full coverage in the back with leg openings that are cut above the thigh. Most bikinis sit about three inches below the natural waistline, although with the popularity of low-rise pants, some are now cut even lower.

One of the most popular styles for women’s panties is the bikini cut, which usually have a rear, and are cut high at the thigh. They are often designed as low-rise to go with the popular low-rise pant trend. Some bikini styles are made with string at the sides, while others have more fabric. Bikini cut panties can come in any fabric.

String bikini
String bikinis, as the name implies, are designed with thinner straps (strings) at the sides for a less-bulky fit under clothing. It is for the average to slimmer women who can feel comfortable as well as feel more sexy

Seamless/ No-Show/ Invisible Panties
Panties categorized as “seamless,” “no-show” or “invisible” are sleek and smooth and virtually disappear under clothing. Seamless designs are most often made from a stretchy, wrinkle-free synthetic material like spandex, polyester, nylon, Lycrar or a blend of these.

Girdle Panties
They are for women who want to hide the bulges. It is often used for special dresses which need hidden bulges.

Women panties

Women panties

Conservative women panties – for more coverage

High Rise/Granny Panties
High rise or granny panties provide a great deal of coverage and are probably the most comfortable. High rise panties are cut at the thigh, have full rears and often hit at the belly button or higher. Granny panties are a popular choice for women while sleeping or during their menstrual cycle.

Boy Shorts
A boy-cut short is a full-coverage panty style with a low-riding waistline and leg openings that rest just above the thigh. Because they sit so low on the waist, boy shorts can visually lengthen your torso. Well-fitting, curve-skimming boy shorts can also smooth lumps and bumps on your hip and upper thigh area.

Hipsters offer the same low-riding waistline as boy shorts, but the leg openings hit well above the thigh, helping to avoid the fabric “ride-up” you sometimes get when wearing longer-cut boy shorts. While hipsters are generally considered a full-coverage style, some may be cut a bit higher in the rear than classic boy shorts or briefs.

If comfort is your primary concern, briefs are for you. The traditional brief offers full coverage in the front and back with a waistband that sits at or slightly above your natural waistline. Briefs also have a low, squared-off leg line.
There are a few styles that fall under the larger umbrella category of briefs.

Modern briefs
Like traditional briefs, offer full front and back coverage, but have a lower rise. Their waistbands sit a few inches below the natural waistline.

High-cut briefs
Offer the same full coverage as traditional briefs, but have high-cut leg openings in front. The waistband sits at or just above your natural waistline.

French-cut briefs
Have the highest-cut leg openings of all brief styles. The leg openings hit the highest point on the hip and are positioned more to the front of the panties than the standard high-cut brief. The waistband should sit at your natural waistline.

Control briefs
These styles are meant to slim your tummy, bottom or upper thighs. They look like traditional or high-cut briefs, but feature control panels at the front, rear or both.

Boxers/ Girl Shorts
Loungewear boxers are cut much like men’s boxer shorts and are not meant to be worn under clothing. They are loose-fitting and often feature an elastic waistband with a drawstring.
Women’s performance boxers are meant to be worn while exercising.

Compression boxers (shape wear) feature control panels in the tummy, rear or thighs. These styles may have high waistbands and longer legs to tighten up trouble areas.

Don’t forget to check also bra styles for sexy appearance.

Women panties fabrics

The type of fabric your panties are made from is as important as their style, cut and fit.
Women’s panties come in a variety of fabric choices. If you are prone to yeast infections, you may want to stay away from Lycra and silk/satin choices.

Cotton panties are inexpensive, durable, comfortable and breathable. One advantage of these panties is that they can be tossed in the washer and dryer without sacrificing much shape or fit. Most panties are made with cotton or a cotton blend.
Cotton is, of course, the best choice for panties for health reasons. Cotton panties are often cheap, tend to last for a while and are comfortable. Cotton is the best fabric choice for athletic activities. Many retailers now dress up cotton panties with colors, patterns and even ribbons and lace.

Silk – Satin
Popular fabric choices for women who want a chic-looking panty, most silk and satin panties need to be hand-washed and hung to dry, so caring for them can be a little labor intensive. They can also be heavily embellished with lace and other detailing that may be visible through clothing.
Silk and satin are popular choices for women who want a more expensive, and sexy look. Silk and satin panties may need to be hand-washed so they are not recommended for use during your menstrual cycle.

Polyester/ Synthetics
Polyester and other stretchy synthetics provide the best seamless support. These materials are also popular for exercising because they wick moisture and dry quickly. Polyester and other synthetic materials generally must be hung to dry after washing.

Lycra is a popular fabric choice for panties now. Lycra is often used in panties since it provides a stretch, may help prevent visible panty line and provide seamless support. In panties, Lycra is often combined with cotton and/or nylon.

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