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5 best weight loss strategies

It is useless to mention that weight control and weight management is important for women. Reality is that ideal weight and perfect body measurements became crucial part of modern women life. Reasons can be very different starting from professional needs (models, actresses, sportswomen) and finishing with social pressure (perfectly looking women have more chances for successful professional “jumps” and personal happiness). When it comes to weight loss, hundreds of strategies and millions of diets appear in market. Trying different diets, women loose time (months and years) without realizing that only long-term weight loss strategies can be successful. There is not magic! Weight loss is kind of hard day-to-day persistent work. Short-term weight loss strategies and short-term diets never work. It is just useless time spent which can provide fast short-term weight drop. You should develop your personal long-term healthy lifestyle which can reward you not only with general health but also with ideal beautiful body shape, self-confidence, good mood and following happiness.

5 best weight loss strategies – change your lifestyle

If you are overweight or obese, it means something wrong with your lifestyle. Just be honest with yourself. Are you fond of junk food, are you avoiding any physical exercises, are you lacking normal sleep or “eating stress”? Very simple changes in your lifestyle can change your metabolism and weight.


Even if you find a diet which help you to lose several kilograms, in most cases your extra weight will come back. Some diets imitate starving (losing weight) which makes it more difficult to burn fat. So, in long-term body accumulate fat. Healthy lifestyle includes few main components:

  • Healthy diet – healthy food consumption provides needed energy for body survival and prevent for several diseases.
  • Physical activities – human body is built to move; moderate physical exercises strengthen muscles and bones, improve blood flow and metabolism as well as boost immune system.
  • Sleep hygiene (enough quality sleep) – it is necessary to sleep every day long enough and deep enough. Sleeping duration requirements can vary but most healthy women need in average 8 hours sleep per day. Healthy sleep is vital because body needs enough time for restoration, rejuvenation, muscles growth, tissues reparation and synthesis of several substances (hormones, enzymes). At the same time, lack of sleep increases levels of appetite hormone (so called “ghrelin”) which could result in weight gain.
  • Stress prevention or stress management if it is impossible to avoid – stress can be a cause of food craving, overweight and obesity. Stress hormone cortisol supports fat accumulation and builds fat storage around body mid-section (abdomen). Many women comforting stress by over-eating (“eating stress”) which is the worse method of stress management. If you cannot avoid acute or chronic stress, better use stress management equipment or follow Top 5 stress solutions.

5 best weight loss strategies – personal support system

Once you made your final decision about weight loss, think about personal support system. If you decided to lose weight for right reason (health, appearance, personal relationship, etc.), try to develop goal-oriented support system which can include following examples:

  • Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR),
  • Identify your wished ideal weight,
  • Protocol starting weight and targeted weight,
  • Set period of time for lifestyle changes,
  • Fix planned firm deadline,
  • Make photos from starting position and following photos after every 3-6 months,
  • Join weight loss groups or Weight Watchers,
  • Find friends or family members who can join you in your weight loss project,
  • Develop special awards or personal prices for certain periods of weight struggle,
  • Get rid of junk food in the house,
  • Avoid hungry shopping,
  • Choose qualified positive fitness trainer.

5 best weight loss strategies – healthy food

Weight loss main rule:

Food consumption (received food calories) always should be less than Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and should be burned adequately.

Avoid junk food, fast food, soda and similar drinks, skip salt and sugar, avoid late-night snacks and never eat when not hungry.

In general each woman should choose healthy diet according to her body needs and according to certain health indicators. Choose the best one for you:

5 best weight loss strategies

5 best weight loss strategies – burn calories regularly

Calories burning main recommendation:

  • Be active and try regular physical activities – minimum 2.5 hours per week;
  • Best is daily moderate-intensity walking 30 minutes.
  • Daily food consumption (total calories) should be followed by energy burning (physical exercises);
  • Make physical exercises (fitness) a part of your daily lifestyle,
  • Increase the strength of exercises gradually – it will boost your metabolism and support extra energy burning;
  • Increase calories burning by adding arm exercises with light weights;
  • Walk 15 minutes after each meal to burn quickly about 100-110 calories;
  • Avoid elevator and use stairs when possible;
  • Use lunch time for walking relaxation.

5 best weight loss strategies – reward yourself

Personal rewards can help in achieving your goals. On-going self rewards should be selected from your dream list or favorite activities or attractive cloths or anything you like. Set certain rewarding steps. For examples:

Each 1 kg – dancing party or new blouse,

Each 5 kg – one ice-cream or new shoe,

Each 10 kg – travel to dreamed places or expensive clothing.

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