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Bikini bumps prevention

Bikini bumps usually appeared because of ingrown hairs which trigger irritation and pimples. Usually bikini bumps occur after shaving in bikini zone, when strands of hair curl back on themselves and grow into the skin. Every time you shave bikini area, razor bumps usually return – you get razor bumps or ingrown hairs when the hair curls underneath the skin as it’s growing out of the follicle. Ingrown hairs usually occur after it has been sliced with a razor. When hair is trapped, body treats it like a foreign invader and attacks it, causing inflammation. So, what are solutions? There are two solutions – 1). Stop shaving and use other methods such as waxing, plucking, depilation and permanent hair removal with lazer or 2). Follow all recommended steps for bikini bumps prevention.

Bikini bumps prevention

Bikini bumps prevention tips

Bikini bumps prevention includes 3 steps:

  • First step – actions before shaving
  • Second step – shaving procedure
  • Third step – actions after shaving

Bikini bumps prevention – what to do before shaving

It is very important to pick up the right tool – new fresh sharp razor. Usually the dull blade causes friction when it tugs on hair and skin, while a sharp one glides right on through. You should know that mentioned friction aggravates the hair follicle and creates an ideal situation for ingrown hairs.

The newer the razor, the less are risks for irritation, inflammation and bacteria intervention. Even if you are planning to use the same razor few times, make sure you store your razor in a place that allows it to dry completely between uses and replace the blades every 2-4 uses.

Better to choose the multi-blade razor that can maneuver in tight spaces.

Important step for avoiding ingrown hairs is exfoliation – usually dry skin traps the hair below the surface and regular exfoliation will remove that layer. Actually the regular exfoliation (2-3 times a week) can be a key for keeping stubble soft and bumps at bay.

Before shaving skin should be clean and smooth – wash skin with gentle antibacterial soap and exfoliate the skin with soft washcloth to create a smooth surface.

Next, apply thick shaving gel or moisturizing shaving cream to soften hair and moisturize skin.

In cases of stubborn bikini bumps, you can use special skin creams (hydrocortisone, antibiotic, or tretinoin cream).

Bikini bumps prevention – how to do shaving

Better to start shaving in the shower – the water can help soften hair so the blade doesn’t have to work as hard.

Never stretch the skin during shaving.

Always shave in the direction the hair is growing. Pushing against the follicle causes irritation and bumps.

Try to avoid going over the same area multiple times or shave each day – it can cause irritation and inflammation.

Rinse the razor after each swipe to prevent clogging.

You can use also electric razor.

Bikini bumps prevention – what to do after shaving

After shaving care is necessary – it is must procedure. After shaving care is a key in prevention of ingrown hair and bikini bumps.

After shaving splash on some cool water and pat dry with clean fresh towel.

Apply post-shaving cream or moisturizing cream or medical cream (hydrocortisone, antibiotic, tretinoin cream) to reduce inflammation risks.

Keeping skin soft and smooth makes it easier for the new hair to grow out of the follicle rather than become trapped.

Right after shaving the bikini zone avoid sauna, steam room and workout. Bikini line needs 24 hours relaxation (without sweat).

Always wear cotton underwear after shaving. In general, it is recommended to use only cotton underwear during whole day.

In case if you notice ingrown hair, use clean needle to release the hair shaft – it will stop bikini bump development.

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