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Bikini ingrown hairs

Normal healthy hairs start development inside of follicle and usually grow out of the skin. In cases of ingrown hairs they grow either sideways into the skin or curl back down and grow into the skin. It could trigger inflammation (infection) of hair follicles – sometimes development pus-filled pimples. Bikini ingrown hairs and bikini bumps (bikini pimples) could be frustrating. Bikini ingrown hairs commonly occur after improper bikini waxing or shaving (bikini razor bumps) in women with thick curly hair.

Some natural remedies claim to get rid of bikini ingrown hairs if they do occur. At least, some home remedies can bring some measure of relief and quickened healing.

Bikini bumps natural remedies – removing ingrown hairs

Bikini ingrown hair

Bikini trapped stubborn ingrown hairs can destroy your intimate life and summer holidays. Some natural home remedies could help you.

Local compress
Topical (local) hot compress can be very easy solution. Prepare small cotton tissue, soak it in hot water and press it gently against bump for 5-10 minutes. Heat (hot water) can open up skin pores and release trapped ingrown hairs.

Aloe Vera
Aloe is well known natural remedy for helping soothe irritated and inflamed ingrown hairs. Just cut aloe leaf and squeeze the gel inside directly onto the ingrown hair bumps (to get rid of inflammation and pus-filled bikini bumps).

Baking soda paste
Ingrown hairs can be exfoliated with baking soda paste. Baking soda can help keep hair follicle from getting plugged up and can also ease painful hair follicle inflammation.

Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel is well known anti-inflammatory topical extract useful for skin toning, cleaning, calming and healing. Witch Hazel can alleviate a wide variety of skin conditions including ingrown hairs and bikini bumps. Just apply Witch Hazel extract on bikini ingrown hairs and after few applications the irritation and inflammation will disappear.

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil contains strong anti-bacterial properties which can have positive effect on ingrown hairs. Just dilute tea tree oils with water and apply on bikini ingrown hairs – it will shorten healing time, reduce inflammation and ease the discomfort.

Coconut oil
During shaving the coconut oil acts as a barrier between the blade and skin. It also provides moisture preventing ingrown hair and inflammation afterwards.

Lemon juice is naturally acidic and it can stop bacteria from colonizing ingrown hair follicles. Just soak cotton small tissue (ball) in lemon juice and apply on bikini ingrown hair bumps – it will prevent bacteria multiplication and spread as well as will reduce inflammation and irritation.

Tea bag
White tea bags are considered as easiest method of bikini ingrown hairs treatment. Tea bags help to reduce irritation and inflammation. White tea bags can help to get rid of ingrown hairs and bikini bumps. Just wet the tea bag and press it against bumps – it will reduce swollenness and inflammation.

Bikini ingrown hairs prevention

Bikini ingrown hairs

Prevention is always better than cure – better to stop it from happening in the first place.

Always follow bikini line shaving steps – choose the best razor, prepare bikini zone by cleaning and trimming, apply shaving cream, never shave against the hair growth and don’t forget about importance of post-shaving special cream).

Bikini best razor
Single blades razor tends to be less irritating on bikini line. Razors with multiple blades can provide very nice smooth shave but could cause irritation and bikini bumps. It is also very important to use only new fresh sharp razor.

Bikini shaving style
Shaving against hair growth could provide closer cut below the surface of the skin (smooth bikini line) but it could trigger bikini ingrown hairs (grow inwards instead of outwards). It is recommended to shave bikini line in the direction of hair growth because shaving (pushing) against the follicle can trigger irritation and cause bikini stubborn bumps.

Moisturized bikini line
Pre-shaving bikini line moisturizing softens the skin and reduces the possibility of trapped hairs by hardened dead skin cells which force hairs to grow sideways. Bikini moisturizer act as protective barrier during shaving.

Bikini line exfoliation
Before shaving the bikini line should be clean and smooth. Important step for avoiding bikini ingrown hair is exfoliation. Usually dry skin traps the hair below the surface and regular exfoliation will remove that layer. Regular exfoliation (few times a week) can be a key for keeping stubble soft and bumps at bay.

After shaving care
After shaving care is very important – it can prevent ingrown hairs and bikini bumps. Keeping skin soft and smooth makes it easier for new hair to grow out of the follicle rather than curling back down. Post shaving cream can reduce inflammation risks.

Single-blade sharp razor in combination with pre-shaving and post-shaving care can be the best way to reduce risks of bikini ingrown hairs and bikini bumps.

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