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How to remove bikini hairs

How to get a smooth perfect bikini line that’s totally free of hairs? How to remove bikini hairs from sensitive skin before travelling to the beach? Is it possible to prevent bikini bumps and blemishes? How to keep bikini line in perfect shape and enjoy flawless results without ingrown hairs, irritation, bikini pimples, redness and disturbing itching?

You have several options available for removing bikini hairs and keeping bikini line hair-free.

Before you start choosing the method for bikini hairs removal, you should also choose your pubic hair style. It is much easier to remove unwanted hairs at the same time. Nowadays pubic hair style and perfectly smooth bikini line are becoming a part of female personality, sexuality and general style.

There are several classic pubic hair styles and many personalized pubic hair styles which can be used by women of different age and sexuality, with various skin texture and color. Ancient fashion accepted normal natural pubic hairs and hairy bikini line which was considered sexy. Later after sex revolution women start wearing more open cloths and very open underwear and swimming suits and hair-free bikini line and stylish pubic hairs became a part of regular hygienic routine.

How to remove bikini hairs

Bikini hairs removal methods

  • Shaving,
  • Creams/depilatories,
  • Waxing,
  • Sugaring,
  • Laser,
  • Electrolysis.

How to remove bikini hairs – shaving

Bikini shaving is very popular and most easy making method for hair removal. It is fast, inexpensive, efficient and painless. Shaving can keep bikini line hair-free during 3-12 days (depending on women skin, color, hair texture). Bikini shaving can be done every few days (not earlier). With few simple preparations, clean or new sharp razor, shaving gel, some know-how tricks and post-shaving creams, you can have clean dolphin-smooth bikini line.

Bikini shaving benefits include simplicity, cheapness, possibility to perform at home (in private atmosphere), painless and easy performance.

Shaving disadvantages include only two problems: 1. Shaving should be performed often because of fast hairs grow on bikini line: and 2. Incorrect shaving could cause skin cuts, bikini bumps, irritation and itching.

How to remove bikini hairs – creams

Hair removal creams (depilatories) are also popular when it comes to bikini line hairs. Just apply the cream on bikini line and wait for 10-15 minutes (according to instructions). Wash it with water to get rid of all unwanted hairs.

Bikini line depilatories have few advantages including very simple use, quick results, painless and possibility to use as often as needed.

Bikini line creams could have also few side effects such as skin rashes, on-going odor and rare itching.

How to remove bikini hairs – waxing

Bikini waxing is painful but it can provide best result for bikini line – all hairs can be removed once and it can last for weeks. Bikini waxing can be done at some with special waxing kits or it can be done in special beauty salons.

Bikini waxing has few advantages such as long-term hair-free effect (few weeks) and reduced hair thickness over time.

Disadvantages of bikini waxing are well known – it is extremely painful, it can be effective only after some hairs grow and it is expensive if made in beauty salon.

How to remove bikini hairs – sugaring

Bikini line sugaring is considered as old fashion method and it is not popular in XXI century. For women with sensitive skin above mentioned methods could be problematic and bikini line sugaring could be the best solution. Working with sugaring paste requires special skill but the methodology, advantages and disadvantages are very similar like in bikini waxing.

How to remove bikini hairs – laser

Laser and IPL are most modern hair removal technologies. It can be a good choice if you have light to medium toned skin and dark hair. Laser can insure permanent hair removal which is becoming very comfortable for thousands of women. It is very safe method and it is touted as the best way to get rid of unwanted hairs. Laser beam burns the hair follicle which results in permanent hair removal and hair reduction over time (from session to session). Laser makes bikini hairs lighter and finer.

Main laser hair removal advantage is permanent solution for bikini hairs reduction.

Bikini laser disadvantages include high price of laser equipment, sometimes pain and need of multiple sessions.

How to remove bikini hairs – electrolysis

Electrolysis is not popular for bikini hair removal but some women prefer it. It can be used for any type of skin and any hair color. But it can be done with experienced people and special equipment.

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