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Birth control pills and breast size

Birth control pills are very popular and millions of women use pills for effective contraception. Young women (teens) who start birth control pills can be very curious about whether or not this is going to affect the size of growing breasts. Birth control pills can affect breast size but the extent to which breast size increases depends both on the woman and the type of birth control pill; it also varies from person to person. However, how big breasts grow while taking pills will depend on the person, on duration of pills’ use and variety of other factors. Some birth control pills may increase breast size more than other brands. Birth control pills and breast size were discussed on several forums but still it is not clear what women should expect. Do birth control pills always increase breast size? Can birth control pills be used for breast enlargement? Why breast size is changed during this type of contraception? Are breast changes during birth control pills temporary or permanent?

Birth control pills and breast size – mechanism

The true is – birth control pills can change breast size only during use of active pills. In general, birth control pills contain two hormonal components (estrogen and progestin) which lead to breast tissue growth, cause fluid retention and breast edema. Natural body estrogen is directly responsible for how big or small your breasts are and additional estrogen component of pills can increase chances for breast enlargement. Birth control pills that just contain progestin will not make breasts bigger. However, if you take birth control pills that have both hormone components (estrogen and progestin) could help female body to promote breast growth. During birth control pills women could feel breast fullness, breast tenderness and kind of breast tingling. Breast changes also depend on hormones (type and doses) in the pill women take – generally the higher the dosage of hormones, the more likely to experience increase in breast size. In most cases all breast enlargement signs can decrease or disappear during placebo pill week, pill-free days and after stopping pills.

Actually breast size changes (usually quite small changes) during birth control pills can be considered as a side effect – sometimes pleasant side effect. While most women use birth control pills for contraception, one of their desirable side effects for many of them is breast size increase due to the fact that pills contain estrogen. While most pills users experience breast enlargement, some women would not notice any changes.

Most health providers prefer to recommend birth control pills with low hormone doses because high hormone concentrations could trigger several unpleasant side effects such as weight changes, bloating, irregular brown spotting, headaches, mood changes and nausea. If you choose birth control pills with high estrogen doses, you can expect increase of your breast size but, at the same time, you could have some additional unpleasant side effects which also correlate with estrogen doses.

Pills and breast size – advice and recommendations

Birth control pills and breast size

The most popular birth control pills which can increase breast size are the following:

  • Lenessa,
  • Zovia,
  • Orthocyclen,
  • Tricycle,
  • Modicon,
  • Necon.

These pills could help increase breast size. In addition, number of pills taken every day is also going to directly impact how much and how fast breasts will increase in size. If you choose one of above mentioned birth control pills, you should know that your breasts are going to increase in size most of the times, but when you stop pills, breasts are going to slowly return to their initial size in a few months or right after you stop pills.

Breast enlargement on pills reminds similar condition during early pregnancy when breasts become tender and sensitive. What happens when you take birth control is your body gets tricked into believing it is pregnant because it stops ovulation (main contraceptive effect of pills).


Birth control pills have positive side effect – breast enlargement;

Only birth control pills with high doses of estrogen can demonstrate increase of breast size;

Breast size changes during pills are temporary – when you stop pills, breasts are going to slowly return to their initial size in a few months or right after you stop pills;

Birth control pills cannot be considered as breast enlargement method.


If you want bigger breasts, you can use different safe methods for breast enlargement:

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