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Blackheads remedies

Blackheads could be on-going problem for many women. Some experts consider blackhead as the first stage of acne – the condition which can be triggered by poor hygiene, excess facial oils/sebum, stress, unhealthy diet, poor digestion and some hormonal disorders or hormonal medication (including birth control pills). Many women need safe and effective blackheads remedies.

Blackheads are full of exfoliated skin cells, dirt, bacteria and oil with a blackened mass covering the hair follicle opening. Blackheads’ oil (sebum from sebaceous glands) contains pigment called “melanin” which always turns dark (oxidizes) when exposed to air. And this is the main reason why blackheads are usually black or at least dark.

Most common locations of blackheads are face (nose, forehead, and cheeks), neck and back. But blackheads can be found everywhere on the body.

Many women just remove blackheads but it is not the best idea because it can lead to inflamed skin and eventually scarring. Natural remedies are the most safe and effective for prevention of blackheads as well as for blackheads gradual removal.

Natural blackheads remedies

Blackheads remedies

Before to start using any natural method for blackhead, please remember that proper skin hygiene is essential as well as skin care routine which includes regular cleansing, exfoliation and moisture. Generally speaking the regular daily proper skin care routine can prevent many skin problems in women. All recommended natural remedies can be applied ONLY on clean skin.

Blackheads remedies – Honey

Honey can be considered as one of most effective natural remedies for skin care – it is excellent for overall skin care, since it helps balance the oils in the skin. Honey contains antioxidants and several vitamins such as B-complex, C, A, D, E and K. Natural honey can be applied on your blackheads – one tea spoon should be enough. Keep honey on the skin until it dries and your skin feels stretchy (about 20-25 minutes). Afterwards just rinse it with warm water. Honey application should be done before going to bed every day during 2-3 weeks and only after this period blackheads will disappear.

Warm honey application has increased effectiveness. Honey should be warmed very carefully (not too hot – just warm) – warm honey usually minimizes the pores keeping the skin moisturized.

Blackhead can be removed with special honey mask which contains baking soda and lemon juice. Mix together one tea spoon of warm honey, pinch of baking soda and half tea spoon of lemon juice – apply on blackhead for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off with warm water.

Honey with fruits for blackheads

Banana is a good product for skin – it is full of antioxidants which are crucial for healthy skin. Just take one ripe banana, smash it and add one tea spoon of natural honey and two tea spoon of lemon juice – mix it and apply on blackheads. Keep it for 15-20 minutes and clean your skin afterwards gently with warm water. For better effect it is recommended to repeat the same procedure 3-4 times per week.

Cherries are rich in vitamins and nutrients and also can be used for blackheads. Select ripe 5-6 cherries and mix them with two tea spoons of natural honey – apply this mixture on blackheads and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. This mixture will perfectly remove the dirt and oil/sebum from your pores. You can repeat this procedure 3-4 times per week.

Peach is full of antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C, E which are crucial for healthy young skin. Blackheads can be easily removed with peach natural ingredients that have the power to cleanse your pores. Peach mask can be used for blackheads easily – just select a medium-sized peach, peel it and crush few slices, add one tea spoon of natural honey and mix it. Apply this mixture on blackheads and keep it for 20-25 minutes. Afterwards rinse it with warm water.

Honey with fresh lemon juice can be considered as one of most effective treatments of blackheads. One tea spoon of honey mixed with drops of lemon juice can be applied on blackheads for 20 minutes. Same procedure can be used few times a week.

Blackheads remedies – Orange peel

In general citrus fruits are fabulous for natural skin care. Orange peel can treat your blackheads easily – just cleanse a medium sized orange and make a paste of the ground orange peel and a few drops of water. Apply the mixture on blackheads and keep 20-25 minutes. After rinsing with warm water the result will be visible right after the first session. Same procedure can be repeated 2-4 times per week.

Blackheads remedies – lemon juice

Lemon juice is a source of vitamins C and A as well as a source of folate and potassium which are very important for skin care. Lemon juice is beneficial for all types of skin.

Undiluted lemon juice can be applied on blackhead few times a day – it will remove embarrassing blackheads from your skin.

Lemon juice can be used for several types of skin masks. One option is a mixture of one tea spoon of lemon juice, 3-4 tea spoons of fresh yogurt, 2-3 tea spoons of oatmeal and 2 tea spoons of olive oil. Prepared sticky paste should be applied on blackheads for about 30-35 minutes (until it dries). After washing your face you can see the difference.

Mixture of lemon juice with cinnamon is also well known for blackheads treatment – just mix 2 tea spoons of lemon juice with half a spoon of cinnamon powder and apply the paste on blackheads for 20-25 minutes. This mixture will exfoliate blackheads and make your face pretty.

Lemon juice can be also used for blackheads removal. First, prepare the special scrub from one spoon of sugar and few drops of fresh lemon juice. Second, rub the mixture gently on blackheads circular motion. This mixture will remove blackheads and dead skin cells, making your skin clear and glowing.

Blackheads can be erased with mixture of lemon juice and milk – one tea spoon of lemon juice and 2-3 spoons of milk.

Regular use of combination of lemon juice and rose water (in equal proportions) can make your skin free of blackheads.

Most ugly blackheads can be treated with mixture of 2 tea spoons of lemon juice and a pinch of salt – apply this mixture on blackhead for 20-25 minutes and rinse it with cold water afterwards.

Similar effect can be reached with mixture of 2-3 spoons of lemon juice and sugar – just massage the skin gently in circular movements which will help to relieve blackheads.

Blackheads remedies – Egg white

White egg is known as an effective product for blackheads. First, whisk egg white until stiff and apply it on blackheads for 20-25 minutes (until it dries). After washing with cold water skin should relax. White eggs can be more effective if you add few drops of natural honey.

Many women use whipped egg white with fresh strawberries which are perfect for healthy skin conditions. One egg white and 5-6 clean strawberries should be mixed properly and applied on blackhead for 25-35 minutes. This mixture is perfect for blackheads and for cleansing pores.

Blackheads remedies – Tomato

Tomatoes are full of vitamins A and C – they are very useful for blackheads removal. Mashed tomato (sometimes mixed with avocado) can be applied on the skin for 20-25 minutes and washed afterwards with cold water. It is recommended to use tomato paste before going to bed – overnight it removes blackheads and fine lines. Same procedure can be repeated few times per week for best effectiveness.

Blackheads remedies – Toothpaste

Ordinary toothpaste can be applied on blackheads for 20-25 minutes (until it dries). Toothpaste salt is playing an important role in getting rid of skin bacteria.

In severe cases the toothbrush can be used. It is recommended first to wet the skin, put toothpaste on your toothbrush and rub the toothbrush gently for 7-10 minutes. Afterwards the skin should be washed with warm water.

Blackheads remedies – Cinnamon

Cinnamon is also known as blackheads remover. Mixture of cinnamon powder, turmeric powder and lime juice (one tea spoon each) should be applied on blackheads for whole night. Skin should be washed in the morning with warm water. Same procedure can be used during few weeks.

Combination of cinnamon and honey (one tea spoon each) also can be used for night mask. Mixture of cinnamon and lemon juice (one tea spoon each) can not only eliminate blackheads but also exfoliate skin, remove dead skin cells and make your skin smooth and glowing.

Blackheads remedies – Green Tea

Green tea can be used as a scrub for blackheads – mix one tea spoon of green tea with water to form a paste. Massage gently the skin with blackheads in circular movements during 5-7 minutes. Afterwards wash the skin with warm water. This scrub will remove oil and grime from the surface of the skin and will clean blackheads.

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