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Breast pillows

Did you ever use breast pillows?

Do you know what means “breast pillows”?

I discover breast pillows recently and I am sorry I did not know about breast pillows earlier.

If I would have information about benefits from breast pillows, I would use it during both pregnancies and breastfeeding as well as later for wrinkles prevention.

Breast pillows can be used for following reasons:

  • Preventing chest wrinkles while sleeping;
  • Supporting tender breasts (naturally big breasts and/or artificially increased breasts);
  • Keeping skin stretched (without wrinkles) during side sleep;
  • Supporting increased breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Preventing chest wrinkles while sleeping

After 40-45 we all could see some wrinkles on our chest (especially if we have big breasts) and neck – actually skin wrinkles are indicators of our age as well as they are also indicators of our lack of knowledge about preventing skin wrinkles. These wrinkles are triggered by “displaced” skin during our sleep. Our aging results in breakdown of collagen – the collagen naturally begins to thin making skin more susceptible to wrinkles. During sleep our chest skin (décolleté) develops wrinkles because of side sleep or because of breast pressure.

Special breast pillows were invented as a treatment to help eliminate and prevent décolletage wrinkles. Breast pillows can prevent chest wrinkles and can also correct chest wrinkles.

Breast pillow

Breast pillows are actually small comfortable pillows that lie between breasts during our sleep. Breast pillows are usually fixed between breasts keeping them separate during night sleep – the result is absence of pulling or tugging of the chest delicate skin (décolleté). With breast pillows you can sleep in any favorite position (on side, on stomach, on back) and you can sleep everywhere (on the bed, in the car, in the aircraft, in travel math, etc.)

High quality breast pillows (straps) are adjustable and can fit all women. Breast pillows never disturb deep healthy sleep – with breast pillow you can be fully relaxed being sure that your chest skin is protected.

Supporting tender breasts

During our life (especially during reproductive period of life) we experience periods of breast tenderness – during premenstrual period, after breast surgery (medical and/or cosmetic reasons), during some hormonal treatments, after cardiac surgery, during menopause (sometimes), etc. During healing process the breast tenderness itself could be painful and stressful but it also could be a cause of unpleasant chest wrinkles (damaged décolleté). In mentioned situations the breast pillows could be our savers – breast pillow can comfort and support the healing process. Breast pillows can also insure relaxed comfortable sleep while preventing chest wrinkles.

Keeping skin stretched during side sleep

Maximum chest wrinkles were noted in side sleeping women – in women with moderate and/or large breasts, when they sleep on their side their breasts squash together and cause pressure and friction resulting in morning visible breast wrinkles.

Breast pillows could be a good solution for side sleeping women – breast pillows fit perfectly between breasts supporting aging chest skin. With its crisscross designed back and high quality adjustable straps, breast pillows would always stay in place and would never feel uncomfortable.

If you are aging side sleeping woman, you would be recommended to use regularly breast pillows for preventing décolleté wrinkles.

Intimia Breast Pillow – Chest Wrinkles Prevention and Breast Support

– Prevents chest wrinkles from forming in the cleavage area;
– Reduces or completely cures the appearance of existing chest wrinkles;
– Provides breast support and comfortable nights’ sleep for side, back or stomach sleepers;
– Reduces discomfort caused by tender breasts (PMS symptoms, nursing mothers, pregnancy, etc.);
– Provides excellent support and comfort to women recovering after breast-related or cardiac surgeries.

 Decollette Pad – Correct & Prevent Chest Wrinkles, 1 pad,(Calvet Cosmetics)
A 100% Medical Grade Silicone Pad worn while sleeping to prevent and correct Chest Wrinkles.

Pink Kush Support – FOR Women with Breast Implants

– Kush Support is designed specifically to support C Cup or larger breasts / You receive 2 Kush Supports ~ You choose the best fit! (SATIN BAG INCLUDED).

Breast Comfort Pillow (Large)


– Pillow size: Large to XL: Fits Bra Cup C plus and above;

– Includes: Breast comfort pillow, removable and washable white case,100% cotton;

– Double layered soothing protection and comfort;

– Fill: memory foam and, polyurethane foam.

Supporting increased breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding

All women experience dramatic breast changes (increasing) during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is normal biological process but it is not always easy to handle. It is completely normal for your breasts to become sore, tender and sensitive during pregnancy and breastfeeding but you should know how to take care of your increased breasts and your chest skin for preventing future aging wrinkles. It is also very important to have relaxed sleep during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

My Brest Friend Pillow

– 100% Cotton;

– Adjustable silent-release strap;

– Features wrap around design;

– Machine washable in the gentle cycle in warm water;

– Breastfeeding; nursing; feeding pillow; support your breasts.

Utterly Yours Breast Pillow for Large-Breasted Women – Medium





Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow


– 100% Polester, and the pillow cover design does not utilize zippers or Velcro;

– Laregest and mos luxurious breastfeeding pillow on the market;

– Fits women of any size comfortably and Great for twins;

– Removable and washable luxurious covers;

– No flame retardant chemicals used to irritate delicate skin.

Breast pillows can support your breasts – soft gentle breast pillows usually fixed between your heavy breasts during sleep alleviating any pressure or friction.

Breast pillows during pregnancy and breastfeeding can not only comfort you but also prevent possible chest wrinkles. The ergonomic breast pillows are designed to feel weightless yet provide the cleavage support that pregnant or nursing mothers need.

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