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Infertility story 5

Infertility success stories could be very interesting and encouraging but each infertility story is special – discover all details from infertility success story from David and Leanne.

Infertility story (successful story) from David and Leanne

Infertility is a difficult and emotional process for anyone to go through. My husband and I had tried to start a family for approximately a year and a half before we discovered Gago Center for Fertility. We previously went to another reproductive endocrinologist. The difference for us between the two facilities were the caring staff, not having to wait an hour before seeing the doctor at appointments, and really feeling like we were important and our opinions and feelings were listened to.

Before getting pregnant, we tried a few different medications then proceeded onto IUI (inter-uterine insemination). Our first IUI, we received the good news that I was pregnant. A few weeks later we discovered we were expecting twins.

Twins – Gavin and Peyton

Infertility story (successful story)

Our beautiful babies were born March 30, 2009. Gavin and Peyton are the most precious gift we have ever received. From, the bottom of our hearts, we really appreciate the staff and caring environment we received at Gago Center for Fertility. I have referred friends and strangers that are going through this difficult process. I’m so glad we found your facility.

David and Leanne


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