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Infertility Success story 12

Infertility success stories are very interesting. Discover Cindy and Joey’s Story.

Cindy and Joey’s Story

I wish that by reading my story you see it as a positive outcome and it gives you high hope throughout your journey of trying to conceive.

MY STORY: My husband and I had many unsuccessful rounds of fertility treatments including clomid and IUI over a span of three and one-half years. In January 2006, we agreed that if this round doesn’t work, that would be it for us. We couldn’t physically, emotionally, or financially endure the same negative results anymore.

I know GOD had been watching over us because in February 2006, exactly one month after deciding to “quit,” was hired as a permanent employee by the company that I had been working contract for. After questioning our HR representative about fertility coverage with our insurance I quickly found out that IVF was covered 100 percent for up to three cycles in a lifetime, which is VERY unheard of in the state of Texas. It sounded too good to be true!!! I immediately called my doctor and he was also shocked to hear of the coverage. He said that I should immediately proceed with the IVF before the company realizes that they have done. LOL. He referred me to a very successful reproductive endocrinologist that he refers all of his IVF patients to — Dr. Jimmy Gill with the Houston Fertility Institute. I was able to schedule my first appointment in April 2006 and we did our first round of IVF in June 2006. At the retrieval they removed n5ne follicles and three days later we had three embryos transferred. 14 days after the transfer, I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive, but I didn’t want to get too excited until it was confirmed by the results of our blood work. Around 1 p.m. we got the call that would forever change our lives: I was FINALLY pregnant. It was what we had been waiting to hear for almost four years.

Cindy and Joey’s Story

I delivered a healthy baby boy on February 6, 2007 at 10:07 am. His name is Kadyn and at birth he weighed 6lbs 12.5 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. I can honestly tell you that every time I look into his eyes, I think of Dr. Gill and all of their staff. Without them, we wouldn’t have been blessed with this miracle baby that we have always dreamed about. I will forever be grateful that I have been given this opportunity that had such positive results for our family, and it all goes to the Houston Fertility Institute.

I don’t know what the future holds for our family, but I can only continue to think GOD is still looking down on us and will one day bless our family with a second child the same way he did with our first. If that means we have to do IVF again, I will definitely be using Dr. Gill and his staff at the Houston Fertility Institute.

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