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Infertility Success story 11

Infertility success stories are not only very interesting but they also can be very useful. Discover Story from Mark M.

Infertility Success Story from Mark M. (San Francisco, CA)

In my experience with medical professionals, it’s rare to encounter a physician who is one of the foremost leaders and pioneers in his field and who has a true human touch (how many doctors would you enjoy having a beer with?). The same can be said about his dedicated staff. Dr. Turek is committed to providing the best possible medical care to his patients as opposed to practicing medicine purely as a business enterprise.

Infertility success storyIn January 2009, he quickly diagnosed and correctly treated me for the surgical repair of varicocele. Prior to surgery, Dr. Turek did a masterful job of explaining the process, recovery, and long – term goals. He made my wife and I feel that we a real part of the decision making process. On the eve of surgery, he called, personally, to clearly explain how the following day’s events would unfold (a practice unheard of in my experience). Exactly as Dr. Turek predicted, I returned to normal activities five days after surgery without any complications.

Infertility Success Story from Mark M.

Happily, he has agreed to monitor long – term improvements produced by the surgery.
We are very fortunate that such a skilled physician has chosen to practice medicine in the “old school” model of placing patient care and the human touch over profits. I cannot recommend Dr. Turek and his staff highly enough. I only regret that I did not seek his care earlier; thankfully my wife pushed me to do so.

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