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Infertility Success story 17

An IVF with PGD success story

Congratulations to Jodie and Paul on the birth of Harry and Liberty on 13th December 2010! What a wonderful Christmas present!

Jodie, I am so pleased for you and Paul. You both deserve every little bit of happiness the babies bring you, after the hard time you have had getting them. If only everyone going through infertility could eventually have the success that you and I have both had.

Jodie’s story shares some elements with mine. She has Myotonic dystrophy. She and Paul did in vitro fertilization (IVF) with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to get their gorgeous son and daughter. They have also had a bumpy ride, experiencing failure and disappointment, but thankfully all that stress can be left behind them now and they can enjoy their new lives as parents.

Jodie was the friend who I mentioned in my previous post about my pregnancy, I said that she had a bad time when she was pregnant. I asked her, a while ago, if she would like to write a post about her pregnancy, as I thought it would be good to have two different perspectives on being pregnant with Myotonic dystrophy. Somehow she managed to write me a post in between giving birth and changing nappies! I will post her pregnancy story next. It is a lot different to mine.

An IVF with PGD success story

Jodie and I actually met via the Myotonic dystrophy support group (MDSG). Remember this post about the financial side of IVF with PGD, where I wrote that I occasionally get ladies calling me via the MDSG. Usually they call because they are in the early stages of researching their options and want to talk to someone who has experienced PGD. Jodie was the first lady who called me and we had a good chat on the phone and then met up at the MDSG conference shortly afterwards. Up until meeting Jodie, I had just one friend who had done PGD for Myotonic dystrophy, but I only met her once I was already pregnant. If you can find people, it’s a good idea to be in touch with others in a similar situation. At least I found, it helped a lot. I wish I had known them both earlier.

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