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Infertility success stories – story 13

Infertility success stories are very interesting but each success story is special – discover all details of Rhonda and Corey’s Story.

Infertility success stories – Rhonda and Corey’s Story

My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year — I mean REALLY celebrating, because this year our dreams came true with the help of The Houston Fertility Institute. Last year, we had pretty much given up on our hopes for a child of our own. We heard about HFI and made an appointment to see Dr. Gill. The course of action that he recommended for our situation was IVF. Upon making the decision to go forward, HFI immediately began providing us with all of the information that we needed to begin our journey. It was overwhelming at first, but the staff was there every time to answer all of our questions and help us prepare for the procedure. With IVF, it was necessary for me to visit the office three times a week for blood work and ultrasounds for the month leading up to our procedure. It’s almost as though I became a part of the “family” at HFI during this period. I looked forward to my visits, knowing that these people had a true understanding of what I was going through both emotionally and physically (not only because of my lifetime longing for a child, but also because of the physiological and emotional effects of the treatment leading up to the procedure).

At each visit, the staff spent focused time with me, explaining every step of the way what was progressing, what I needed to do, and what to expect. On the day of the retrieval, we were very nervous, but Dr. Gill made us feel so assured. The week came when we were to do the pregnancy test. To our surprise, the staff called us prior to the date of the test to let us know that I was pregnant. They could already tell by the blood work and didn’t even want us to have to wait two more days to find out. It was one of the most memorable days of our life!

Infertility success stories – Rhonda and Corey’s Story

From that point, we visited the office three times a week for the next 10 weeks of my pregnancy. Again, I looked forward to seeing the staff at every visit. Any time I felt scared or concerned, the office would see us or contact us immediately. Now, our son Reagan is almost three months old. He is perfect! We couldn’t be happier! I recently had the privilege of introducing him to Dr. Gill personally. Needless to say, my heart was overflowing with emotion that day.

From my husband and myself to our entire family and all of our friends, we can never express enough gratitude to Dr. Gill and the entire staff at HFI for what they have done for us. These people really do help people to make their dreams come true! Our lives have been changed by the realization of our new family, and we could never have done it without HFI. Our deepest and most heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out to you!

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