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Mustard health benefits

Mustard is a well known cruciferous vegetable which was cultivated by ancient Greeks and Romans. Thousand years ago mustard has been quite popularly cultivated in North Africa, Asia and Europe. Mustard seeds are widely used in Indian cooking, providing very rich taste to foods. Attributing to its flavor and therapeutic nature, mustard is pretty popular all over the world. Mustard health benefits are well known. Apart from being a spice, mustard has several health benefits – it has anticancer, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, anti-infection and other useful properties.
Mustard is rich in nutrients (dietary fiber, phenolic components), minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, selenium, sulphur, iron and potassium), vitamins (A, K, C, B3, B6 and folate) and antioxidants.

Mustard health benefits – cardio-vascular system

According to scientists, mustard oil may reduce the rate of cardiac arrhythmia, reduce ventricular enlargement and chest pain associated with heart dysfunctions. Mustard oil contains omegs-3 fatty acids which supports cardio-protective functions.
Mustard contains also high levels of niacin (vitamin B3) which is responsible for the reduction of cholesterol levels as well as for protection of arteries from atherosclerosis. At the same time, niacin supports blood flow and protects from hypertension. Mustard’s vitamin B6 content prevents the platelets from clumping and moderates the risk of thrombosis.

Mustard health benefits – cancer

It was noted that mustard can protect from gastrointestinal cancer – actually mustard’s phytonutrients (so called “glucosinolates”) can prevent and slow down the progress of cancer development in the gastrointestinal tract. Few studies demonstrated the ability of mustard seeds to restrict the duplication of already present cancerous cells and prevent the formation of new cancers. Similar anticancer effect was noted in cases of bladder cancer, colon cancer and cervical cancer. Some scientists suggested that mustard seeds could inhibit the growth of cancer cells and even guards against the formation of any malignant cells.

Mustard health benefits – skin

Mustard health benefits

Mustard seeds can cure contact dermatitis – mustard consumption helps in treating typical symptoms of this diseases including healing of tissues.
Mustard seeds offer therapeutic effect during few skin diseases. Psoriasis is a good example – it was noted that mustard is effective in curing the inflammation and lesions associated with psoriasis.
Mustard‘s sulphur can fight skin infections by providing anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help fight common skin ailments.

Mustard health benefits – respiratory system

Mustard seeds have been valued for their therapeutic effects in curing cold and sinus problems by clearing the mucus in the air passages – the heating qualities of this plant penetrate deeply inside the tissues and cleanse the excess mucus buildup.
Mustard seeds can be also effective in cases of chronic bronchitis. Ancient medicine recommends massaging the mixed mustard oil with camphor during asthmatic attack – it promotes easy breathing by breaking down phlegm. Modern mustard plasters can provide the similar therapeutic effect – treating bronchitis and stimulating healthy circulation in the body.
Mustard’s selenium and magnesium can provide pretty unique anti-inflammatory property and control asthma, cold and chest congestion at bay.

Mustard health benefits – hair

During centuries mustard oil was used for stimulation of hair growth. High levels of vitamin A (beta carotene) in mustard can be considered as an excellent property for hair growth. At the same time, mustard contains iron, fatty acids, calcium and magnesium – all promote hair growth. Warm mustard oil massage is a great way to promote hair growth. After oil application some experts recommend to wrap the hair in plastic bag for 30-45 minutes which will increase the absorption into the scalp.

Mustard health benefits – muscle and arthritic pain

Mustard’s anti-inflammatory properties can relieve rheumatoid, arthritic and muscle pain – local application (for few minutes) heats up the area and helps loosen muscles, leading to relief from pain. Mustard’s bath or modern mustard plasters can have similar therapeutic effect.

Mustard health benefits – menopause

Menopause is a pretty complicated period of women life full of unpleasant symptoms. It was noted that mustard’s magnesium and calcium can promote bone health and prevent bone loss associated with menopause which will adequately reduce the risk of osteoporosis in menopausal women.

Mustard health benefits – diabetes

According to experts, mustard leaf can be useful during diabetes. It was noted that mustard’s antioxidants neutralize the effects of oxygen free molecules and protect against the damages caused by oxidative stress during diabetes. Mustard oil could reduce levels of glycosylated proteins and glucose in bloodstream.

Mustard health benefits – detoxification

Mustard’s antioxidants and fiber are excellent properties insuring detoxification. Mustard seeds can protect from different types of poison including narcotics and excess intake of alcohol.

Mustard health benefits – weight control

Mustard can boost the metabolism up-to 25-27% and burn calories even during sleep leading to weight loss.

Mustard health benefits – constipation

Mustard can treat constipation by acting like laxative – stimulating gastric mucosa and increasing intestinal secretion. High content of fiber is also working as anti-constipation property.

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