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Skin cleansing micellar

What is skin cleansing miccelar? – it is very simple skin cleansing when you use water cleansers, which are liquid cleansers that you use without water. Cleansing micellar products contain microscopic oil molecules to lift dirt, make-up and oil from the skin. Miccelar cleansers usually come in a bottle in liquid form.

How to use skin cleansing with miccelar? – just apply small portion of micellar cleanser on a cotton pad, wipe your skin down (over the face) with the moistened pad and that’s it. Make sure to apply micellar cleansing product to every inch – don’t miss any part of your face.

Skin cleansing with micellar give you an exceptional possibility to clean your skin dirt, dust and elements of make-up without following water sensing (no need to rinse off with water). There is no need for skin scrubbing, no soap, no splashing your face with water.

Usually skin cleansing with miccelar is recommended for sensitive skin but could be used in other cases also. Sometimes the micellar cleansers contain also toner and/or moisturizer which is making products more attractive. Skin cleansing micellar solutions are capable of cleansing your skin, removing makeup and pore-clogging grime, without the use of harsh detergents like those present in many other facial cleanser formulas.

Skin cleansing micellar

Micellar skin cleansing can be used for all types of skin – from the oiliest to the most dehydrated. Actually the micellar water is replacing every day soap-and-cleanser routine, and it’s especially suited to sensitive and/or problematic skin types. With micellar cleansing products you can easily avoid skin irritations.

In some countries the ordinary water used for washing and/or shower contains several heavy minerals, toxins and/or chlorine and many women are very sensitive to all these elements. In these cases skin micellar cleansing could be the best solution for every day skin care.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid getting face wet during and/or after shower but using a micellar cleansing solution immediately after can save your skin from negative effects of tap water.

Women who used skin cleansing with micellar water have significantly less breakouts and blackheads.

La Roche-posay Physiological Micellar Cleansing Solution for Sensitive Skin

– Fabulous for sensitive skin;

– Perfect for gentle eye make-up removal;

– Excellent anti-aging effect;

– Pleasant perfume smell.

NUXE NUXE Micellar Cleansing Water – 6.7 fl oz

– NUXE Micellar Cleansing Water is a multi-tasking, one-step cleansing treatment that purifies your eyes, face, and lips;

– The alcohol-free formula wont irritate as it removes all makeup and impurities;

– The non-sticky, fresh texture leaves the skin super soft and comfortable.

Darphin Azahar Cleansing Micellar Water 200ml/6.7oz

Discover fantastic Darphin Azahar Cleansing Micellar Water for your sensitive skin – all benefits guaranteed

 Lierac Apaisance Anti Aging Sensitive Skin Cleansing Micellar Lotion 6.8 Oz ( 200 Ml)

Exclusive By Lancome Eau Fraiche Douceur Micellar Cleansing Water Face, Eyes, Lips 200ml/6.8oz

– Lancome – Cleanser Eau Fraiche Douceur Micellar Cleansing Water Face, Eyes, Lips 200ml/6.8oz;

– An invigorating cleansing water for face, lip & eye;

– Helps immediately eliminate makeup, including waterproof & long-wear formulas;

– Developed with mild Micellar Technology cleansing agents & relieving Rose de France;

– Skin appears supple, purified, toned & revived;

– With a fabulous Skincare product like this one, you’ll be sure to enjoy the ultimate in a Skincare experience with promising results.

Skin cleansing micellar At-A-Glance

What is it? – refreshing and soothing cleansing water (cleansing micellar solution) – this ultra soothing cleansing micellar solutions effectively remove make-up and impurities every day without disrupting the equilibrium of delicate skin.

Micellar technology – this technology groups the cleansing agents in micelles – these micelles trap impurities and any excess makeup to perfectly cleanse without rubbing or irritating.

Skin Type – can be used for all skin types including and especially for sensitive skin; perfect for oily and combination skin cleansing.

Everyday care – for mixed and oily skin.

How to use – apply every morning and evening with wool cotton pad; wipe over the face gently; no need to rub or scrub; no afterwards rinsing required.

Action – helps to remove make-up like cleansing milk and does not dry out the skin; removes waterproof eye makeup too; regulates sebaceous glands activity and prevents formation of blackheads or irritations as a result of excessive epidermis roughness; don’t interfere with the skin’s natural barriers or PH balance.

Result– healthy cleansed face, eyes and lips in one simple step.

Product type – hypoallergenic, excellent for skin which is intolerant even to tap water; alcohol-free; soap-free; colourant-free; pH neutral; non-comedogenic.

Tests – tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control; tested on sensitive eyes and skin as well as on contact lens wearers.

Side effects – cause the least possible trauma to over-worked model skin.

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