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Yes, it worked! My IVF treatment was SUCCESS !
I’m so lucky to finally had my most wanted dream fulfilled.

The dream of wanting to become pregnant and to successfully have my own babies.
The below photos are my IVF baby girls, Suwan and Anchalee at Disney World in 2010.

These two cuties twins are conceived via IVF at Shady Grove Fertility Center in Rockville, Maryland.

The twins are now in preschool doing really well. They will be five in May this year and will start Kindergarten in September. My husband and I had struggled with infertility issue for over 5 years before we had a success in vitro fertilization treatment (IVF). The infertility causes were unspecified for both of us beside the facts that we were both over 35 years of ages. Other factors that might contribute for my infertile are exposure to plastic dust while I was working in a plastic factory, having chronic condition like Lupus and stress-related-hospital work.

I had 2 years of Clomid treatments which didn’t work. I had 3 cycles of IUI without success. Finally, we got lucky on our last cycles of IVF treatments and I became pregnant. There were lots of trips to a high risk specialist due to my Lupus condition and lots of ultrasound examinations. It was so interesting to get to see pictures of little eggs in my womb gradually developed in to human life form growing arms and legs and shrinking their tails. Life is surely FASCINATING.


I had some complications with hyperglycemia and hypertension during my pregnancy. I was on bed rest for 2 weeks during 34th-35th weeks of pregnancy. Then one day before my 36th weeks my doctor decided to operate me because the babies wouldn’t grow any more. My C-section went okay but I lost 3 liters of blood and had to receive blood transfusion.

All in all this was my one of a life time experience – the whole fertility treatments of IUI and IVF gave me a whole new way of looking at life. I’d never thought I would conceive IVF way. But I sure am glad that my IVF procedure was beautifully success.

Starting Fertility Treatment

The fertility treatment processes began with the use of Clomid pill taking by mouth. Clomid is a fertility drug uses in uterine dysfunction. It helps increase in numbers of follicle ruptures and result in multiple eggs production in ovaries. My Gynecologist stopped prescribing Clomid (Clomiphene) for me after 2 years of its treatments. At this point I was for sure diagnosed with infertility. My OB/GYN and I both agreed that we should moved on to the next stage of fertility treatment and try something that was more powerful and effective.

My OB/GYN then referred me to see fertility specialist. We got approval from our insurance company which was MAMSI at the time to begin our fertility treatment. Many consulting sessions, many laboratory tests and lots of diagnostic tests later, my husband and I decided to proceed with IUI (Intrauterine Insemination Treatment) at Shady Grove Fertility Center (SGFC).

We didn’t know anyone who underwent IUI treatment at all at the beginning. I was nervous, scared but willing to do anything at that time. I’m sure that my husband felt the same way as I was, but he just didn’t want to express his feeling to me. IUI is done by injecting sperms into uterine through a tiny catheter. To me it was like going to a gynecologist of pap exam. Then I had to lay down for at least half an hour before I could get up and go home.

We did 3 trails of IUI treatments without success then stopped because our insurance only paid for 3 treatments of IUI. I felt sorry for my poor husband had to do all the hard work producing sperms.

Meet the IVF Success Babies!

This Suwan and Anchalee, our test tube twins girls at a rest stop on our way to Disney’s World. They are so different in so many ways. They have totally opposite personalities. Suwan is sensitive, self focus, serious and artistic in nature while Anchalee is so carefree, full of new ideas, cheerful and funny. Both of them loves to read, draw and play together.

A lot of time Suwan wants to get her own ways trying to take control and Anchalee tends to let her sister takes over easily . Anchalee would find new toys or new activities to do to get out of her sister way. Before long Suwan would return to Anchalee to play with her again. These would happens 3-4 times before Anchalee gets upset and starts to stand up for herself by telling Suwan to go away. Most of the time they play together pretty well. It’s getting better as they’re getting older. I just can’t imagine having one without another.

Thanks to modern IVF treatment and staff at SGFC for giving us a chance to enjoy our parenthood. So please don’t give up you hope of becoming parents. I wish you the best of luck on your fertility treatment, if you’re seeking one. I hope your have a successful IVF !


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