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What means social smoking?


What means social smoking?

ANSWER from experts

Social smoking is a condition when people don’t smoke without any reason. Social smoking means smoking in certain cases such as smoking ONLY in pubs, bars, nightclubs, during stress, etc. It means very specific life situations trigger smoking.

There is no scientific data how often social smoking becoming an ordinary smoking. But it is clear that social smoking leads to ordinary daily smoking and nicotine addiction especially in women.

Social smoker

– I am smoking only with friends

– I am smoking only with a cup of coffee

– I am smoking only in the pub

– I am smoking only if someone offers me a good cigarette

– I am smoking only if I am stressed

– I am smoking only if I am sad

Social smoking

It is well known that younger you start experiencing social smoking, higher are chances for nicotine addiction. This is why tobacco companies are targeting girls and young women as a part of their marketing strategy.

Women who smoke mainly and/or only in very specific social situations are called “social smokers”. It is observed that social smokers usually have smoking friends.

As social smokers often smoke with friends, it makes social smokers even more vulnerable to the damaging health effects of second-hand smoke.

Unfortunately social smoking is not safe and could harm your health. Many scientific studies demonstrated that using even small amounts of tobacco (1-5 cigarettes per day) significantly increases the risk of harmful health effects including menstrual dysfunctions, reduced fertility, heart disease, cancer and premature death.

Many smokers mention that they start smoking as social smokers and never quit.

Social smoking

The only good think about social smoking is that social smokers can quit smoking much easier.

It is not easy to maintain women health and there are several risk factors for women health and especially for women reproductive health. It would be strongly recommended to avoid social smoking.

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