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Teenage smoking

QUESTION – Why there are many places to buy cigarettes around women schools and colleges? What we know about teenage smoking? Why teenage girls are a target for tobacco industry?

Teenage smoking – ANSWER from experts

Unfortunately tobacco industry is always targeting people who will start smoking easy and who will have problems quiting smoking. This is why teenage girls are perfect target for tobacco industry.

Teenage smoking

In most cases teenage girls vastly underestimate the addiction potential of smoking and nicotine. A woman who begins smoking when she is very young will have a very difficult time quitting as she ages and becomes more concerned with the health consequences. Teenage smoking could be a huge problem for health. Studies show that most teenage girls who smoke want to quit and 77% of them have tried.

Teenage smoking girls are generally less physically fit and have more respiratory illnesses than their nonsmoking peers.

A major factor influencing susceptibility to and initiation of smoking among girls is the tobacco industry’s long-standing (75 years or more) targeted marketing to women and girls. Tobacco marketers know that if they can hook children as users, these children are more likely to become lifelong customers.


Earlier you start smoking, earlier you can experience health problems such as:

– Menstrual dysfunction – irregular periods;

– Reduced fertility – infertility;

– Early menopause – osteoporosis;

– Heart problems – heart disease;

– Different types of cancer;

– Short life – premature death.


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